Energy Diagnosis

  • Energy Diagnosis
Energy Analysis

The first step for an efficient Energy Management

The energy diagnosis consists of a comprehensive survey of the facility to identify the main consumption, associated costs and opportunities for improvement.

An energy analysis identifies the main consumptions with the objective of identifying the areas with the greatest savings potential and proposes improvements to reduce their consumption, evaluating the savings and investment to be made.

The service has 2 stages. The first one is executed at the customer’s premises where all relevant data is released and the measurements are carried out with own equipment. In the second, simulations and calculations are carried out and a detailed report is made with the consumptions and opportunities with their corresponding savings, investments and repayments.

Improvement measures may include good practices, cultural changes in the organization, more efficient technologies, recovery of waste heat and use of renewable energy.

It is applicable to all types of industries and buildings, both commercial and residential.

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Enef has its own measuring equipment and engineers with experience in energy diagnostics in the largest companies in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. We have analyzed more than 500 engineering projects with repayments under 5 years of which 30% have immediate benefits with high economic profitability.

Once the work is finished, we provide support to our clients to advise on the opportunities they want to perform.

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