Energy Partner

  • Energy Partner

We offer a comprehensive energy management service based on sharing the benefits obtained.

We assume the responsibility, the technical and financial risk of achieving energy savings results. These types of contracts are adaptable to the needs of each client and are based on the payment of investments in energy efficiency with the actual results achieved.

This methodology has 3 different periods. In the first, ENEF will carry out an energy diagnosis of the chosen processes or plants, determining the consumption baseline and improvement opportunities.

We determine the projects to be executed together with the client, beginning the second period, where the improvements will be implemented and the real benefits achieved will be distributed.

Finally, once the contract is concluded, all the benefits of the implementations will remain for the client along with the value of the assets acquired.

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The investment can be assumed in its entirety by ENEF, benefiting the client with the savings achieved during the duration of the contract.

These services include auditing, power generation, implementation, and continuous monitoring of opportunities to improve efficiency in energy consumption.

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  • icon Payment for services is made with part of the savings achieved.
  • icon Cost reduction by optimizing consumption behaviors and incorporating new technologies.
  • icon Productive sustainability, both economic and environmental.
  • icon Complete transparency through the Measurement & Verification of savings.
  • icon Continuous improvement of energy efficiency through a holistic approach, generating savings and maintaining them over time.