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Energy Improvements

Engineering and project execution

We take care of materializing the opportunities for energy improvements, executing all the necessary steps until the start-up.

 We carry out feasibility studies, technical specifications, technical-economic evaluations and engineering for all types of energy projects.

Likewise, we carry out the implementation of turnkey projects, taking care of providing all the necessary resources for the start-up.Algunos de los proyectos ejecutados.

  • icon Revamping of combustion systems.
  • icon Heat recovery for the production of hot water, steam and electricity.Recuperación de calor para producción de agua caliente, vapor y energía eléctrica.
  • icon Efficient lighting.
  • icon Control logic optimizations.
  • icon Automation of pumping stations and water management.
  • icon Compressed air generation.
  • icon Installation of low and medium voltage drives.
Control and measurement

Measurment & verification

We carry out the control and measurement of the savings of the implemented projects. If there is no program to verify the savings achieved, the effectiveness of its implementation cannot be known. Our engineers are certified under the International Savings Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) in order to accurately calculate the benefits obtained from each improvement. We also have various portable measurement equipment to be able to quantify the values of the different energy vectors of each process.

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